Catch Charcot Foot Early—Keep Structures Secure

by | Nov 2, 2015

When someone wants to construct a new building in Geneva, IL, he or she must fill out the appropriate application for approval of a permit. This isn’t a particularly unusual expectation, as contractors across the United States have to do the same thing. When applying for a permit, the applicant will see that there are various inspections that may be required, including those for footings and foundation walls.

The officials in Geneva require the permit and perform inspections to determine that the structure is secure and safe for citizens who will ultimately enter the building. Now, the human body has its own structures that need to be safe and secure, or a condition like Charcot foot can develop.

Charcot foot is a condition seen in patients who have significant nerve damage, often as a result of diabetes, and it causes weakened bones. The primary concern is that the bones continually fracture as the affected individual walks, and this ultimately leads to feet that are rather misshapen.

Being able to recognize Charcot foot early is essential for reducing the amount of deformity that can take place and providing the best chance at successful treatment. Signs to watch out for include swelling, redness, warmth (particularly when compared to the other foot), and pain or soreness in some cases.

Swelling is often the most noticeable of the symptoms, mainly when it happens without an obvious reason like a traumatic injury.

It is always important to have unusual occurrences investigated by the professionals in our office so we can determine and address the issue. When you recognize unusual swelling in the foot, especially if it is accompanied by redness and warmth, come in and see our medical professionals at Prairie Path Podiatry. We can evaluate your condition here in our Geneva, IL office and then create a treatment plan for you. Schedule your appointment with us online or call (630) 845-3338 today.