Common Causes of Poor Circulation

by | Oct 28, 2015

Out here on the western fringe of the Chicago suburbs, we don’t have high-volume traffic like that which cuts through the heart of the Windy City. If you’ve ever been stuck out there, it can be downright frustrating when I-94 looks like a parking lot. (It’s even worse for the poor soul whose car begins overheating and won’t function properly!) Similar malfunction can happen in your body, too, when poor circulation is an issue.

The term “circulation” itself simply refers to movement to and fro, particularly when discussed in the context of a closed circuit. If you take a moment to think about it, this describes the way blood travels. It leaves the heart, full of oxygen, and travels to all areas of the body through the arteries. After depositing the oxygen and nutrients, it returns through the vein, carrying away waste. This ongoing cycle is necessary to ensure that all bodily tissue is able to stay alive and healthy.

When the circulatory process is impaired, it can lead to varying degrees of problems. Some of the common conditions that lead to potential issues include:

  • Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) – This is the most common of all the circulatory problems that people can experience. In this condition, arteries have become narrowed due to the deposit of plaque along their walls. This makes it difficult for blood to pass through.
  • Blood clots – When a blood clot develops in a blood vessel, it can lead to diminished blood flow. Even more concerning, a clot that breaks away and enters the blood stream can totally block smaller vessels in the lungs, heart or brain with serious consequences (embolism, heart attack, stroke). Fortunately, clots that are discovered early can often be treated successfully.
  • Diabetes – This disease has wide-ranging effects on the body, including the development of PAD. When combined with peripheral neuropathy, the two form a dangerous one-two punch that creates the potential for serious medical complications.

When any of these common causes of poor circulation are affecting you, Prairie Path Podiatry is ready to help. Our practice is committed to providing you with holistic healing that keeps you safe and healthy. Providing treatment for circulatory problems is just one example of how we do so. Contact our Geneva, IL office to find out more and see what we have to offer by calling (630) 845-3338. You can also reach us through our online form today.