Foot Deformity FAQs

Are there home remedies for hammertoe pain?

There are definitely remedies and treatment practices you can perform at home to help with the pain that often accompanies hammertoes.

A good place to start is switching out your tight footwear—especially if your shoes have high heels—and replacing them with low-heeled shoes made from flexible materials that feature deep toe boxes. The low heels will avoid excessive pressure being placed on the front of the foot and flexible materials will help to prevent irritation and the development of corns.

Another at-home option is to use non-medicated pads to protect corns from irritation. The medicated types often contain acid that may harm your skin, so avoid those unless you consult with us.

Also, check with us to find out if you should take oral nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce pain and inflammation. You might even try massaging your stiff toes.

At the end of the day, you may need to enlist the help of professionals to help with your toe pain. If this is the case, let Prairie Path Podiatry provide the treatment you need. Contact our Geneva, IL office via our online form or call us at (630) 845-3338 to schedule an appointment.

I have flat feet and they hurt. What can I do?

When fallen arches don’t cause any issues, there is no need for treatment. If they cause you pain however, it’s time to review your options. Fortunately, conservative care is often quite effective for flat feet.

Treatment will depend on the severity of the condition but start by resting and using ice to reduce your levels of pain and swelling. Stretches, especially those for your Achilles tendon, can help, as can medication (be sure to check with our office first, though).

You may also benefit from switching your footwear. Individuals who have flat feet are more likely to overpronate (an excessive rolling motion that accompanies walking or running). Shoe manufactures have models that are helpful for controlling this motion. Even better, our podiatrist can create a pair of custom orthotics for you. These medical devices will provide the support you are not currently receiving.

Whenever you experience foot pain, whether it is related to fallen arches or any other condition, Prairie Path Podiatry is here for you. Our Geneva, IL office is ready to provide effective treatment for you and your family. Call us today at (630) 845-3338 or use our convenient online form to request your appointment.

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