Children's Foot Care FAQs

When should my child see a podiatrist?

If foot conditions run in your family or your child is complaining of foot pain or discomfort, it’s a good idea to schedule a visit to a podiatrist like Dr. Peter Tsang of Prairie Path Podiatry. We can assess your child’s feet and diagnose conditions so that appropriate treatment can begin. We can even determine potential problems before they occur and offer preventative tips to keep young feet healthy and strong. From warts and heel pain, as a result of Sever’s disease, to in-toeing, flat feet, bunions and more. When it comes to problems with children’s feet, we’ve got you covered!

You don’t have to wait for symptoms to arise. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Peter Tsang today to ensure your children’s feet remain problem-free. Call Prairie Path Podiatry at (630) 845-3338, or visit us in Geneva, IL. You can also contact us by using our convenient online request form.

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