Laser Treatment for Fungal Nails

Your toenails are often hidden from the world inside socks and shoes. Many times, they aren’t paid much attention unless they need to be trimmed or you stub your toe and check to see the damage done. Fungal nails are common and can come on stealthily. A small white spot can go unnoticed, and without treatment, the unsightly infection can spread. It is also a problem that unfortunately can be difficult to eliminate.

We care about our patients’ foot health and strive to provide the best treatment options available to keep your feet happy and healthy. Our state-of-the-art laser treatment, Cutera, works to target the fungus in your nails. It is a safe and effective treatment option for those who are tired of dealing with thickened, discolored toenails. Learn more about how this incredible treatment option can get your feet looking great once again.

Eradicating the Fungus – How Does it Work?

Toenail FungusThe fungus that causes this type of infection can get under your nails and start multiplying rapidly. These microscopic pathogens thrive in environments that are dark, warm, and damp. You can pick it up in a place such as a pool area or public shower, and then it can keep growing inside your dark, sweaty shoes. This is a progressive problem, meaning it gets worse over time. You may watch your healthy, clear nails turn discolored, crumbly, and thickened. They could even start to smell foul. If you have a condition such as diabetes, an infection such as this could leave you at risk for even further complications.

There are some common conservative ways to treat this problem such as topical and oral treatments, as well as anti-fungal medications. Once the fungus takes root though, and is spread deep underneath the nail, these methods may only provide temporary results. It is for this reason we offer the Cutera laser treatment.

This procedure has shown to provide up to 85% effectiveness in treating fungal infections. We can provide treatment right here in our office and it requires no anesthesia. Focused laser energy is used to pass through the nail and target the area affected by the fungus. It does not harm the surrounding tissues. There are no known side effects, and your new, healthy nail can begin to grow once you leave the office. If your condition is severe, it may take more than one treatment and the new nail(s) may take several weeks to fully grow out. In the end though, you will have clear, healthy toenails once again.

We Are Here to Help You

If you have been struggling to treat fungal nails without success, the Cutera laser may be the answer. This procedure is a quick and effective alternative for treating a stubborn and unsightly fungus infection. Ignoring the problem will only encourage the infection to grow and possibly spread to other toes and even to other members of your family. Allow the experts at Prairie Path Podiatry  in Geneva, IL to treat your feet. We can determine if laser treatment is right for you and will work to bring your feet back to health once again. You can reach Dr. Peter Tsang by calling (630) 845-3338 or feel free to use our contact option online.

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