Preventing Heel Pain This Holiday Season

by | Dec 8, 2015

Some people struggle with gift giving. It can be bad enough when people are giving gifts to you—it’s hard to feign excitement over a Santa tie—but even worse when that person is you. We have a tip that can help – when in doubt, pick out something practical. You may want to give something that shows some personality, like a Santa tie, but studies show that people would rather receive a gift that they will use. Now, that said, do not buy your wife a vacuum cleaner or you may be in for a long year!

A practical gift that we would like to extend to you and our other patients in the Geneva community is a list of ways to prevent heel pain in this holiday season and all year-round. Sure, you know that you can come in for the treatment you need, but we would rather help you avoid the pain in the first place!

Some of the top tips to prevent heel pain include:

  • Always warm up and stretch prior to running or other physical activities.
  • Try to maintain a bodyweight that falls in the healthy range for your gender and height.
  • When your muscles are tired or aching, don’t push through the pain – take some time to rest!
  • Wear shoes that are appropriate for the activities you perform and have ample cushioning and support.
  • When your running shoes are worn out (usually around 500 miles), be sure to replace them.
  • Pick up some shoe inserts or see us for custom orthotic devices.
  • If possible, opt to run on surfaces that are soft and even, since sloped concrete surfaces increase injury risk.
  • Gradually add mileage or hill work to your running program.

These prevention techniques can be quite effective at heading off heel pain, but sometimes you need professional treatment for discomfort that is severe or will not go away. When this is the case, enlist the help of our specialists at Prairie Path Podiatry. Call our Geneva, IL podiatrist office at (630) 845-3338 or use our online form and schedule your appointment today.