Safety Tips for Your Holiday Pedicure

by | Dec 1, 2015

In this holiday season, you might get a pedicure to have great-looking toes for a party or to pamper yourself after a stressful day of shopping for others. Either way, we want you to stay safe! Consider the following list of pedicure safety tips to be a little gift from us to you. (Oh, we lost the gift receipt, so no exchanges!)

The best pedicure safety tips include:

  • Book the earliest possible appointment. The equipment at a salon is often cleanest first thing in the day, so schedule your appointment for the earliest available time.
  • Diabetic? Make sure they know! When you live with diabetes, foot health and safety is paramount. Be sure to let your licensed nail technician—more on that in a second—know so she or he can be especially careful.
  • Do not shave beforehand. Shaving can lead to tiny (microscopic, even) cuts that could allow fungus or bacteria to enter. Don’t shave or use other hair removal techniques for 24 hours prior to your pedicure.
  • Note the salon’s cleanliness. Seeing dirty surfaces and dingy water? Turn around and head out the door. If a salon is not committed to a clean environment, they are not likely committed to your health and safety.
  • Observe the processes used by technicians and staff. If something is dropped, do they pick it up and use it without sanitizing first? That kind of action is cause to bring your business elsewhere.
  • Ask to see the license. Nail technicians are required by the state to maintain a current, valid license. Check to make sure the person working on your feet does!
  • Of course, the best way to stay safe while getting a pedicure in Geneva, IL is simply to make our appointment with us here at Prairie Path Podiatry.

We certainly understand where you might want to treat yourself—or a loved one—to a pedicure this holiday season, but these pedicure safety tips can be used year-round! (Think of this as one of those “gifts that keep on giving throughout the entire year,” like a Jelly of the Month club.)