Patient Testimonials

“The kind and competent service, convenient location, clean and appealing office space are just a few of the reasons I continue to come to Prairie Path Podiatry. Thank you for being such a wonderful medical facility.”


“A very friendly team who clearly cares about their patients. The doctor was very thorough in his explanation of what needed to be done and also the follow up care.”


“I am so happy that I found this wonderful place and I love it and I will continue to return for their excellent service and I will tell other people about it as well.”


“The doctor was thorough and helped me determine how best to proceed to improve the health of my feet. He was able to eliminate some unsightly marks on my toenails. I have clear nail polish on now for the first time in over five years.”


“Aside from being just the most pleasant folks to be with I also really appreciated the education about my feet and how to care for them better. Thanks so much!”


“Efficient and friendly. And always taking me on even though I don’t appear as often as I should to make it easier to treat.”


“Friendliness of staff, ease of appointment scheduling, warm office environment. Staff went above and beyond to assist me with scheduling a later appointment due to a personal conflict.”


“Loved the personal attention all of the staff gives to me. Loved, loved, loved the facility and the products. Looking forward to coming again.”


“Dr. Tsang is an exceptional doctor. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field of podiatry. Dr. Tsang diagnosed my toe fungus situation and treated my toe during the first visit. Follow-up treatments are key towards attaining exceptional results.”


“Very personable staff. I like the comfort & personality of your facility & will be a regular customer for sure!”


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